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Have you ever taken your grannies to the Disneyland?

‘The Elderly Sponsorship Action: Rebuild the Ageing Culture’ of Happy Grannies started its first outdoor activities, Wonderful Disneyland Trip for the Elderly, in the not so chilly winter morning. The elderly were escorted by their volunteers to go to Disneyland to experience a wonderful world.

On our way, the volunteers took great care of the elderly. They supported them with hands, pushed their wheelchairs or carried an umbrella to shade them from the sunlight. They showed their care in every aspect. Looking at the young volunteers (especially the students) who served the elderly solicitously, can you say that Hong Kong people are indifferent?

We stayed in the park for over half a day. Then, we left unwillingly. This activity gives an opportunity for the sponsors, volunteers and elderly to establish a better relationship.

Friends, you must take your grannies out when you have a chance. Don’t let yourself had any regrets!

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