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Form IV Student of Marycove School

Before our formal visit, a two-hour briefing session was held by Caritas Services for the Elderly district centre. We learnt a lot of communication techniques with the elderly and the method of measuring blood pressure. Then, we started our visit.

This was the first time we visited singleton elders. Their home is very small. It is so small that it can only accommodate a bed and a folding table. It is impossible to place more chairs. We really felt that we are so fortunate. Our room is even bigger than their home.

During our visit, we could understand their needs. We would mark them down and try our best to bring the things that they need in our next visit. Chatting with them, we felt much better than we expected. They were very talkative. They did not mind we knew nothing. They were very friendly. Their friendliness made me feel shameful. Sometimes I am very impolite towards my friends and family. But, they were very polite to strangers like us. We have to learn from them. In fact, when we were small, we have already loved voluntary work. We have taken part in game stalls, elderly and mental retarded services. This was the first time that we have been visiting the same singleton elder for consecutive six months. We felt very special. The previous visits were once and for all only. We mostly went to the elderly home. It was very rare for us to visit singleton elders. Even though we had, I had helped them do cleaning. Yet, after that I have never done any more. Hence, this time I was very happy, following our teacher, to visit the singleton elders to understand them more and to make them live happily. During our one-hour visits, our relationship with the granny was getting closer every time. When we saw each other, we had more things to talk about. Then, I understood her needs better. I could bring her some daily necessities during our visits. Later, if we have a similar opportunity, we are still happy to serve, to understand and to care for them personally.

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