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It happened that I had to get up early to go to a faraway place at Keung Shan and Sha Lo Wan in Lantau Island to visit the elderly during the coldest two days. I was absolutely reluctant but I had already promised. I was half asleep and freezing when I started off unwillingly.

After getting off, it was still a distance for me to walk to the old people’s home. The road was neither too long nor too difficult. Although the chilly wind blew by fits and starts, it was still better than I imagined. I could stand. We arrived at a cottage very soon. First of all, we visited two Buddhists, Ci-ding Shi and Jingling Shi. When they saw us, they were very excited. Jingling Shi went to Ci-ding Shi’s home to wait for us.

We chatted with them and asked about their health condition. I did not feel cold at all.

Jingling Shi, who looked like seventy in appearance, was actually ninety years old. She was especially ‘hyper’ active when we visited them. She was like a naughty old girl, who was agile and talkative. When we measured their blood pressure, it had risen quite high. Ci-ding Shi was also very trendy. She got a plasma television in this stylish ancient house. This experience changed my mind. A meaningful activity should not be boring.

Visiting the elderly should not be melancholy and pitiful. When we render them care and happiness, they also give us joy. Remembering when I was small, I read a story written by Ah Nong (亞農). A girl is taking an old man passing by. Actually, the girl is older than the man. She is the elder of the old man. In that place, their world is different from us. When people were born, they are old people. When they are growing up, they become younger. When they are old, they become babies. Hence, are people lovelier when they get older? If old people are like babies, everybody loves them. Then, the cases of old people being neglected or abandoned would be greatly reduced. Kids are more loveable than old people. Therefore, they are easily adopted and receive more care. However, the elderly also has a lovely side. Moreover, they have contributed to society more than half of their lifetime. They deserved our care.

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