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Happy Grannies


Social Challenges in Hong Kong

  1. Over 100K unattended underprivileged singleton elders

  2. Approx 20% of total suicides is elders (the highest among other age groups)

  3. 30% of total elders are suffering from different degrees of depression

  4. In 20 years, elderly dependency ratio will become 1:3


Most of the underprivileged singleton elders in Hong Kong are invisible and living alone. They are being unattended as their needs have long been neglected by their families nor society. Despite our traditional culture on piety, our busy lives have led to the mentalities that taking care of elders is seen as a burden. Their basic needs are often neglected. In the past, elderly tremendously contributed to the development of different aspects of our society. They possess a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience that we can learn from. We do not want to lose these true gems. Please join us in supporting them. Let us advocate this social change by action. Time will not hold still for us either our society.


Sindy Chow

Sindy Chow, a business veteran, raised the issue of unattended elders and won the Social Innovation Award 2008 of Social Ventures Hong Kong^ with the idea of ‘Elderly Sponsorship Action’. Happy Grannies is a non-profit making social enterprise* initiated by a team of passionate volunteers led by Sindy. It was inaugurated in December 2009. With the purpose to resolve the issue of unattended singleton elders, it’s Elderly Sponsorship Action calls for sponsorship and time from the public in order to build up a caring clirce in society.




was launched at the same time with its value chain:


  • Supporting deprived Single Elderly 

  • Bridging Corporations and Community

  • Developing Youth Respect and Care towards elderly


Our pioneer project, Elderly Sponsorship Action,  is a simple and creative plan supports single elders in need through continual visit.  Participants can choose sponsorship or direct engagement or both according to availability.

SVHK is a platform for young professionals to contribute in social enterprise with expertise.

* Social Enterprises are social mission driven organizations which apply market-based strategies to achieve a social purpose. The movement includes both non-profits that use business models to pursue their mission and for-profits whose primary purposes are social. Their aim is to accomplish targets that are social or environmental as well as financial. They are distinctive as their social or environmental purpose remains central to their operation.

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