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Happy Grannies


Q1. What is your major source of income?
10% of sponsorship fee (HK$200 per month) is contributed to our administrative cost. Balance of sponsorship fee/elder (HK$450 per month) from commercial corporates after the above 10% and the subsidies to elders in need will be contributed to the sponsorship fees to more elders in need.


Q2. How to make the program sustainable and a success?

We always strive for excellence in the quality of providing our best service and ensure that each of your visit would be a happy one. To achieve this, we try to minimize the termination of visit to zero. Realising that we are living in a extremely busy city, we would encourage our volunteers to line up a team or 2 or 3 for a visit so that if one teammate will be absent, the rest could still go ahead with the visit. Also, we have different packages for volunteers to choose according to their availability. They are Time & Sponsorship Package, Time package and Sponsorshp Package. If none of the above, you can be our ambassadors i.e. to tell your peers about our program.


Q3. How to differentiate your elderly program with those run by other charitable organizations?

Distinctive features

  1. Continual visits to elders for at least 6 months to build up trust

  2. Stringent screening procedures to match elders with voluntary visitors

  3. Training offered by qualified social workers to voluntary visitors

  4. Periodical post-visit evaluation

  5. Optional packages to meet different needs of contributors

  6. Explore fresh experience together with grannies and volunteers


Q4 Can I just choose the “Time Package” and visit my matched granny by myself?

Yes, you may choose the “Time Package” ie to visit regularly to your matched granny only. However, to ensure that each volunteer and granny enjoy a happy visit, your safety during your visit is also our concern, we would encourage that you will visit with your teammate(s)’ company.

Q5. Can I go for a trial visit to grannies as I am not sure if I am able to communicate with them?

Yes, you are welcome to join other existing voluntary team for the visit. If you feel appropriate, you may decide to select your desired package and fill in the membership registration form. In fact, each registered volunteer will have to attend a pre-visit training session conducted by a qualified social worker. After the training, you will be confident to visit your matched granny.

Q6. How do you work with various NGOs to make this program a success?

Stringent screening procedures to be complied with various NGOs and their full support is acquired.

Q7. How do we know that our contribution in terms of money will go to the elders in need?

All related receipts of your spending on supporting your matched grannies will be forwarded to us for reimbursement.

Q8. Can I have tax deductible for our contribution?

We are in the application process for the approval from government department concerned. We hope that the good news will come very soon.




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